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Delicious organic kombucha for more health & happiness.

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Why should i drink kombucha?

Have you ever wondered how you refresh yourself every day...

Sugared sodas are unhealthy and don't do your body any good. Water is often tasteless and low in nutrients.

Kombuchery is the new way to refresh yourself:
Your healthy alternative made from fermented organic kombucha with probiotic cultures, nutrients and 100% delicious taste!

Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
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Viva con Agua Charity Donation

What makes Kombuchery so unique?

Kombucha was previously known as a bland or sweet tea drink. Not at Kombuchery!!

Our kombucha is made exclusively from organic ingredients and traditionally fermented. We are uncompromising and don't believe in pasteurization.

We don't compromise on manufacturing. Our kombucha is always raw and full of living microorganisms.

Reasons for Kombuchery


Do good with every sip

Social commitment has been lived with us since day one. Together with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. we are building drinking water and sanitary facilities at a school in South Africa.

We also fill our kombucha in environmentally friendly reusable glass bottles in a social inclusion workshop.

As a young startup, sustainability is important to us and we are climate-positive. To do this, we plant trees in the tropical forests of Panama and offset all of our emissions.

So we all have something from Kombuchery!

Our history & values

What are you waiting for? Drink Kombuchery for you & your body!

Our kombucha has impressed over ½ million times - you too?

Become part of our Kombuchery community and never freshen up with unhealthy lemonades again!

Andrea Plewig


„The Kombucha of the somewhat different kind of Kombuchery convinced me! ""


Düsseldorf | @feinesgemuese

„I want to cut down on coffee and that's why I try my favorite kombucha! "


Lünen | @byanjushka

„I like Original and Mate best - there is no variety that I don't like! ""