Sechs Sorten Kombuchery Raw Kombucha Mate Maracuja Ingwer Johannisbeere Original

Kombucha Bottle - 5 DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Our reusable bottle converted in DIY

Our 0.33 l reusable bottle is not only the perfect cover for our organic kombucha, but also a great base to get creative with.

Drei Kombuchery Flaschen als Vase Kerzenhalter und Oelflasche

This is how you can convert our reusable bottle!

To use our Kombucha bottle creatively, you only have to remove the label from the bottle. You can either soak the bottle in warm water and washing-up liquid or use a solvent. The second option is of course, although a little more time-consuming, more gentle on the environment.

Turn your bottle into:

  1. Vase
  2. Candle holder
  3. Oil bottle
  4. Soap dispenser
  5. Lamp

You can get the little additions you need for this at craft supply stores or home goods stores. In addition, various well-known online retailers offer everything you need for your DIY.

Why we continue to rely on the returnable glass bottle for our organic kombucha and not on aluminum cans!

After a long break, the can has slowly made its way back onto supermarket shelves and cafés. The image seems to have been polished up properly. Various retailers advertise with slogans such as that of the Association of Can Manufacturers that a can has a "recycling rate of 99 percent", also the light weight of a can compared to a glass bottle is emphasized "saves CO² during transport".

If you take a closer look at the processes, it quickly becomes clear that the recycled cans do not really always become new cans. Only 50 to 70 per cent of the recycled material is used for new cans, not to mention the 30 to 50 per cent of new aluminium that has to be added. Conversely, the fewer cans that are produced, the less new aluminium is needed. In addition, there is the high amount of energy needed to produce aluminium cans. In addition, the can has a comparatively high recycling cost in the form of a multi-stage process.

What also prevents us in particular from filling cans is the fact that primeval forests and rainforests are cleared in various countries such as Brazil or Indonesia for the mining of bauxite, the basic material for aluminium. We cannot reconcile this with our organic product. The glass bottle is still one of the heaviest containers in terms of transport compared to others and therefore has an increased CO²balance. In the meantime, however, the proportion of waste glass shards in new glass bottles is up to 83 percent and, according to the latest technology, only approx. 150 ml of water per bottle is used for cleaning.

Sechs Sorten Kombuchery Raw Kombucha Mate Maracuja Ingwer Johannisbeere Original

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