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Book recommendations on the subject of kombucha - 7 books on fermentation

Our book recommendations on the subject of kombucha, recipes and fermentation summarized and explained for you.

We give you a small overview of helpful readings. If it were up to us, we could spend the whole day reading articles on the subject of fermentation. Often you are overwhelmed by all the books and articles on the internet. What you also need to know is that most of the good books are written in English.

We wish you a lot of fun while browsing!

Buch Big Book of Kombucha Hannah Crum

Big Book of Kombucha - Hannah Crum

The "Big Book of Kombucha" is not only beautifully illustrated, but provides a good overview of various health benefits and the history of kombucha. In addition to descriptions on how to make your own kombucha and common mistakes in fermentation, it most importantly offers more than 380 unique kombucha recipes. Los Angeles-based authors Hannah Crum and Alex Lagory are experts in the kombucha field and are, among other things, the co-founders of LA-based Kombucha Brewers International.

Buch Kombucha Louise Avery

Kombucha - Louise Avery

This book by Louise Avery, founder of LA Brewery from England, playfully explains the different steps in the process of making kombucha in a playful way and gives valuable tips around different teas and the equipment needed to ferment them. In addition to delicious recipes for making your own kombucha, she provides helpful information on topics such as bottling, storing kombucha and dosing yeast.

Buch DIY Kombucha Andrea Potter

DIY Kombucha - Andrea Potter

Making kombucha isn't as complicated as it sometimes seems. The author Andrea Potter explains without irritating foreign words and in simple steps, how Kombucha can be made at home by fermentation, even without professional equipment. The book additionally has many explanatory pictures and answers questions such as "Does my scoby look healthy?", "How does the carbonation get into my kombucha?", "What's the deal with sugar during kombucha making?", "How much alcohol is in my kombucha?", etc. There are also recipes for Jun Kombucha, which is specifically "fed" with honey, and many other interesting recipe ideas.

Buch Kombucha Crafters Logbook Angelica Kelly

Kombucha Crafter's Logbook - Angelica Kelly

This well-prepared logbook will help those who want to get hands-on with kombucha fermentation. Using your own detailed well summarized notes you can work out your own perfect kombucha flavor. Here you have all the important steps combined in one instructive book. Starting with the ingredients to pH values to the individual steps of the fermentation process to your own perfect final Kombucha. Besides the logbook entries the book offers different recipes and details about the Scoby.

Buch Kombucha Eric and Jessica Childs

Kombucha! - Eric and Jessica Childs

The authors of "Kombucha!": The Amazing Probiotic Tea that Cleanses, Heals, Energizes, and Detoxifies" are Eric Childs and Jessica Childs. Eric is the CEO of Kombucha Brooklyn and Jessica has a bachelor's degree in molecular biology. So this husband and wife team from New York are a true bundle of experts on all things fermentation and kombucha. In their book, the two answer questions like "What is fermentation?", "Do you have any tips for first-time home brewers?", "What is the slimy mushroom thing?", "Why should I brew my own kombucha?", "What can I do with my leftover SCOBYs?", "Can I do something wrong and wind up with poison?", " Will kombucha help my hangover?", "What are other benefits of drinking kombucha?". So a colorful well researched potpourri from two insiders that gives especially kombucha newbies many helpful answers.

Buch Fermentation Revolution Sebastian Bureau David Cote

Fermentation Revolution - Sebastian Bureau, David Cote

Everything you need to know about the fermentation trend and the effect of fermented foods on your body is covered in this book with lots of beautiful pictures and recipes. "Fermentation Revolution" is not just about kombucha, but fermented foods in general, such as kimchi or other healthy fermented vegetables and fruits. A true kombucha fan will find this book extra fun with lots of practical instructions and an overview of the different types of fermentation and important materials needed for fermentation.

Buch Kombucha selbst machen Harald Karl

Make your own Kombucha - Harald Karl

This rather small and compact book by Harald Karl may not be as beautifully illustrated as some other books on kombucha, but we find it very informative for those who are starting to make kombucha themselves at home and would like to acquire a well-organized guide filled with expertise. With practical examples and a lot of expert knowledge from everyday life, the author answers the most important Kombucha questions and the whole thing in German.

Have fun reading!

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