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EASIP Fields as a healthy alcohol alternative - Delicious cocktail recipe

Kombucha as a healthy alcohol alternative

EASIP Fields is a non-alcoholic botanical distillate that offers the perfect alternative to clear spirits. Mixed with our organic kombucha, the result is a cocktail that is in no way inferior to alcoholic drinks. Freshly sparkling, slightly spicy and a hint of sweet and sour kombucha with the pleasant spiciness of ginger.

Do you sometimes miss the alcohol alternatives?

Every day we encounter situations in which we seal special moments here and there with a glass of alcohol. But it doesn't always have to be alcohol! We are pleased to introduce EASIP Fields. Using gentle steam distillation, the taste of the finest ancient herbs is brought into each of their bottles. Refined with botanicals from far away, the result is a flavorful distillate, all without alcohol. Just like our Kombucha, vegan and without artificial flavors and additives. And it's even completely sugar-free. So why always reach for unhealthy over-sweetened cocktails when there are flavorful alternatives?

Hand giesst Raw Ingwer Kombuchery Kombucha ins Glas Easip Filds Flasche auf Tablett

Kombucha Cocktail Recipe


Ingredients for 1 glass:

How to mix:

  1. Put the ice cubes in the glass
  2. Add 6 cl EASIP Fields
  3. Top with kombucha and garnish


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