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Is Kombucha also suitable for diabetics?

By Elfie von KOMBUCHERY on Sep 21, 2021

Asians have sworn by the health benefits of kombucha for thousands of years. Those who drink Kombucha ingest a variety of bioactive substances that can strengthen our immune system, digestion and even the he...

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Pasteurizing - preserving food or destroying nutrients?

By Elfie von KOMBUCHERY on Sep 08, 2021

In prehistoric times, people in Europe mainly ate raw parts of plants, wild vegetables and fruit. With the start of hunting and fishing, meat, fish and seafood enriched the menu. Methods such as curing, smok...

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Darmgesundheit Ernährung Rezepte
OhMyGut in an interview - delicious and healthy for your intestines

By Elfie von KOMBUCHERY on Aug 22, 2021

After we got from Kombuchery with the Nutritionist Adrienne Tonner talked about our kombucha, I took the opportunity and Adrienne von OhMyGood asked a few questions about her hobby-horse, the intestinal-heal...

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Darmgesundheit Ernährung Tipps & Tricks
Benefits of a low-sugar diet

By Elfie von KOMBUCHERY on Aug 08, 2021

From seductive sweetness to white poison Is sugar really unhealthy or is it even completely harmless to our body when consumed in moderation? With this article I would like to draw your attention to a more c...

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Green smoothies with kombucha

By Elfie von KOMBUCHERY on Jul 25, 2021

Kombucha promotes your well-being. In already someArticles we have reported on how the ingredients of the fermented tea drink for your intestinal health, yourbeauty and yoursAcid-base balance can have a supp...

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Ernährung Rezepte SCOBY
Can you eat the Kombucha tea mushroom?

By Elfie von KOMBUCHERY on Jun 13, 2021

I can do that with a clear one „Yes“ respond. What the mushroom does for tea, it can also do for you: provide you with an abundance of nutrients. Why you the Try scoby should, yummy Tea mushroom recipes an...

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Acid-base balance: How much influence does it have on our well-being?

By Elfie von KOMBUCHERY on May 09, 2021

A prerequisite for our well-being (inner harmony) is, among other things, a balanced acid-base balance. This is where our metabolism works optimally and we are most productive. The acid-base balance has an i...

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