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Shelf life of Kombucha - That's why it belongs in the fridge!

By Merle von KOMBUCHERY on Jun 11, 2019

All the facts about the shelf life and storage of the fermented tea drink Unpasteurized vs. pasteurized kombucha We only sell unpasteurized kombucha. For a very simple reason! During pasteurization, theTea d...

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Fermentation Kombucha Tipps & Tricks
Fermenting Kombucha without Sugar - The Right Alternatives for Your Tea Mushroom!

By Merle von KOMBUCHERY on May 25, 2019

Kombucha without white sugar or granulated sugar is that possibles? Most kombucha lovers swear by feeding their tea mushrooms with ordinary table sugar, whole cane sugar or raw cane sugar. There are actually...

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Darmgesundheit Kombucha Tipps & Tricks
Advantages of fermented tea drink - 9 reasons

By Merle von KOMBUCHERY on May 15, 2019

The diverse effects of Kombucha Not only super refreshing and tasty, but also a top supplier of nutrients in the stressful everyday life. So that you get an idea of what kombucha can do your body and why you...

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Fermentation Kombucha Tipps & Tricks
What is Kombucha? The fermented tea briefly explained for beginners!

By Merle von KOMBUCHERY on May 11, 2019

Where did Kombucha originate?? The legends and myths surrounding the tea drink are just as extensive as the different taste variations at the end. The western world is still a little strange with the tea dri...

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