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What Kombucha can do for your body

Don't just support your gut and immune system. Kombucha can do even more.

A Kombucha a day keeps the doctor away! This or something similar could soon be the saying, because just one kombucha can contain more nutrients than an apple.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is created with the help of a Kombucha culture (Symbiotic Culture of Bactria and Yeast). A symbiosis of bacteria and yeast through which at the end of the fermentation process a healthy and refreshing tea drink with many enzymes and nutrients can be created. Kombucha is the perfect addition to a balanced diet. No matter if you are vegetarian, vegan, paleo or on a raw food diet. The many live and good bacteria from kombucha can be integrated into almost any diet and help your intestines to stay in a healthy balance and ward off bad bacteria.

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How is Kombucha made?

For thousands of years, real unpasteurized kombucha has been made using a process that has always been similar. A symbiosis of yeast cultures and bacteria is added to a sugared tea and then begins to ferment. During this process, the fermentation of kombucha, the sugars are metabolized by the kombucha culture over the course of several days and important nutrients and enzymes can be produced. At the end of the fermentation process, only a small amount of sugar remains in the kombucha. The majority of the sugar has then already been utilized by the kombucha culture. Mostly the fermentation of Kombucha is carried out with a tea mixture of black or green tea, but other teas are also a delicious variant with a little experience.

How can regular kombucha consumption help your body?

After fermentation, Kombucha contains numerous biologically valuable ingredients for the organism: organic acids such as glucuronic acid, dextrorotatory lactic acid and acetic acid, polysaccharides as well as enzymes, vitamins and minerals. (1)

The acetic acid contained stimulates the metabolism and can help the body to break down fat and protein. The enzymes contained help the intestines to break down food into its individual parts and regulate the metabolic processes. (1)

Kombucha, despite all its positive properties, is not a miracle medicine, but regularly integrated into everyday life is a wonderful way to supplement a healthy diet with nutrients and support the intestines.

The body can be slowly introduced to the sweet and sour drink. For example, you can start with just one glass each morning and see how it goes for you. See if you feel a positive change in your body after a few weeks. The sweet and sour taste is unusual for some at first, but the more often you drink kombucha and your taste buds are sensitized, the more you will like this delicious and super thirst-quenching tea drink.

All Kombucha advantages at a glance

  • Supports healthy intestinal bacteria
  • Supports liver function
  • Accelerates metabolic processes
  • Helps digestion and intestines
  • Raises energy levelReduces blood pressure
  • Helps against headaches and migraines
  • Destroys free radicals (2)

(1) Hessmann-Kosaris A, Naturally Healthy with Kombucha, Augsburg, 1999.
(2) Hannah Crum, Alex LaGory, The Big Book of Kombucha, 2016.

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