What is kombucha?

Simply put: Kombucha is a refreshing tea drink that is produced by fermenting various sweetened teas, e.g. green tea, black tea, with the help of a kombucha culture (so-called kombucha fungus or tea fungus, Scooby).

A symbiosis of different microorganisms, bacteria and yeasts, which metabolize tea and an added sweetener, e.g. sugar, into a beverage in only a short time during fermentation.

At the end of the fermentation process, Kombucha is a delicious carbonated, sweet and sour alternative to lemonades or other soft drinks, which usually contain a lot of sugar and artificial additives.

During fermentation, vitamins and organic acids are produced, as well as various beneficial bacteria that can, for example, strengthen our immune system and digestion.

What does kombucha taste like?

Kombucha takes on many different flavors depending on how it is made, processed, and the ingredients added. A raw kombucha that has not been pasteurized tastes, if you drink it cold, sweet and sour, a bit more tart than conventional lemonades and still super refreshing.

The type of tea used in making it plays a big role in creating the flavor, resulting in a more or less intense kombucha. The sugar source used in the fermentation process also plays a crucial role in varying the flavor of the particular kombucha. By adding different fruit juices, the kombucha taste can be changed during the secondary fermentation.

Where does kombucha come from?

Kombucha is not a fad of recent years and not an invention of modern times, its birthplace is most likely somewhere in East Asia, Japan or China. For hundreds of years, the fermented fermented beverage has been produced and drunk, especially in eastern countries from Eastern Europe to Russia to India.

A myth says that possibly the Japanese doctor Kombu may be the namesake of Kombucha.The doctor with the name of the tongue twister character has "Kombi-ha-chimu-kamu-ki-mu" is said to have been in 414 AD, the last rescue of the dying emperor Inyokos. He administered a healing drink to the emperor, which, according to legend, was an earlier form of kombucha.
It is certain that many affectionate stories have grown up around Kombucha, which revolve especially around its healing and vitalizing effects. By drinking kombucha, you are upholding an ancient tradition. If you even make the drink yourself, you are doing the same as the ancient Japanese and Chinese and keeping the magic of Kombucha alive.

How did kombucha come about?

To this day, the origin of the first Kombucha is still unclear and there are countless myths and stories about the drink with the special name.

What are the ingredients of kombucha?

An overview of the health-promoting ingredients that can be produced during the fermentation of kombucha:

Amino Acids
Succinic Acid
Butyric Acid
Caprylic Acid
Decanoic Acid
Various Yeast and Bacterial Species and Enzymes
Acetic Acid
Folic Acid
Glucaric Acid
Glucuronic Acid
Gluconic Acid
Catechins and Other Polyphenols
Octanoic Acid
Oxalic Acid
Pangamic Acid
Phenethyl Alcohol
Probiotic Lactic Bacteria
Propionic Acid
Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K
Citric acid

Does kombucha contain alcohol?

All fermented beverages contain a certain percentage of alcohol. This is produced during the fermentation process. According to German food law, a drink may be called "alcohol-free" if it contains a maximum of 0.5% alcohol.Our Kombucha has an alcohol content of less than 0.5%. However, since it is unpasteurized, the exact figure may vary slightly depending on how it is stored. Due to the low, but still present alcohol content in Kombucha tea, pregnant and breastfeeding women should play it safe and not drink Kombucha. Children should also not drink kombucha daily and too often for the same reason (a maximum of about 125ml a day is recommended).

Are pregnant women allowed to drink kombucha?

Due to the low, but still present alcohol content in kombucha, pregnant and breastfeeding women should play it safe and not drink kombucha. Children should also not drink kombucha daily and too often for the same reason (a maximum of approx. 125ml per day is recommended).

What flavors are available?

Our Kombucha is currently available in the flavors: Ginger, Currant, Passion Fruit, Mate and Original.

Is the kombucha organic?

Yes, since day one KOMBUCHERY and our Kombucha is completely EU organic certified.

Is the kombucha vegan?

Yes, as of day one, KOMBUCHERY and our kombucha is fully certified by The Vegan Society.

Is the kombucha unpasteurized?

Yes, our Raw Kombucha is never pasteurized to preserve the important nutrients. Unfortunately, this also limits the shelf life.

What is the shelf life of kombucha?

Our Kombucha has a minimum shelf life of 9-12 months after bottling. However, we only send you our freshest bottlings with a minimum shelf life of at least 3 months. So you have more than enough time to enjoy the Kombucha. Just put it in the fridge and you're done.

How should kombucha be stored?

We recommend you to store our Kombucha dry, dark and at max. 7°C. Afterwards please consume immediately.

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