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Ferment yourself at home and find out how easy it is to grow your own Kombucha mushroom. The benefits of organic acids and all other ingredients of Kombucha for your well-being at a glance and what else you can ferment in the following articles. Have fun reading!

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Fermentation at home without starter set

Online, there are several vendors that sell kombucha fermentation kits and kombucha starter kits for expensive money. However, it doesn't take much to make kombucha fermentation at home. Here's how easy it is to grow a kombucha mushroom from our Raw Original!

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Healthy acids produced during fermentation

During the fermentation of kombucha, a wide variety of health-promoting substances are created. From B vitamins, vital yeasts, organic acids to probiotic lactic acid bacteria and various enzymes. This is how beneficial fermentation can be for your well-being.

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Fermented foods at a glance - Kombucha is so healthy

It's not just the fermented tea drink that's in high demand among all friends of healthy eating. There are also some other fermented foods that we would like to recommend to you. Find out in this article what similar health-promoting ingredients besides kombucha have in store for you.

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