Fresh and full of energy into the new year!

Say goodbye to the winter blues

Why is Kombucha good for me?

Do you know this feeling when it is getting grayer outside and you are getting more and more tired and sluggish Hello January!!

A kick of freshness from the refrigerator helps, which tastes delicious and is also good for your body. Kombucha is a power pack full of nutrients and probitoka that actively support your body and your intestinal flora.

The gut is constantly communicating with your brain and influencing your psyche. Happy gut = happy life!

Kombucha recharges you and your body and tastes delicious too.

Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml
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    What is kombucha anyway?

    A delicious, refreshing drink made from fermented tea. We produce it in different flavors - from hot Ginger to tart Mate to fruity Passion fruit. You can quickly find your favorite kombucha there.

    Filled in practical returnable deposit bottles, you can enjoy it comfortably on the go or at home - it adapts to you and your lifestyle.

    Sounds too good to be true Then test it!!

    Convince yourself now!

    Why the Kombucha Kombuchery?

    We don't compromise on fermentation. Our kombucha is always raw and full of living microorganisms.

    For example, you will find amino acids, enzymes, acetic acid, B vitamins and living lactic acid bacteria in our unpasteurized kombucha. We attach great importance to sustainability and are even climate-positive!

    Our kombucha is made exclusively from organic ingredients, contains almost no sugar and is low in calories, in short the perfect refreshment - what a shame lemonade!

    Organic kombucha is your companion for a healthy life!

    Our kombucha has almost no sugar and is more natural and healthier than any lemonade or soft drink .

    In the evening you feel like having a snack. Use fruity kombucha instead of gummy bears.

    You need a coffee after the midday low Mate-Kombucha wakes you up and is healthy.

    You have just exhausted yourself and need energy. The nutrients will help you regain your strength quickly!!

    Kombucha is one of the foods that boost your metabolism and also help you to break down fat and lower your cholesterol level - just like that!

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    Discover your favorite combucha now!

    And start in 2022 without a guilty conscience, but full of energy.

    Kombucha ginger 12x 330ml

    Kombucha Ginger

    Kombucha currant 12x 330ml

    Kombucha Blackcurrant

    Kombucha passion fruit 12x 330ml

    Kombucha Passion Fruit

    Kombucha Mate 12x 330ml

    Kombucha Mate

    Kombucha Original 12x 330ml

    Kombucha Original

    Kombucha Winter Fusion 12x 330ml

    Kombucha Winter Fusion

    Our Mixed Pack has impressed over ½ million times - you too?

    Kombuchery into your home and never drink unhealthy lemonades or bland water again!

    Andrea Plewig


    „The Kombucha of a different kind - Kombuchery convinced me! "


    Düsseldorf | @feinesgemuese

    „I want to cut down on coffee and that's why I try my favorite kombucha! "


    Lünen | @byanjushka

    „I like Original and Mate best - there is no variety that I don't like! ""