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✓ Kombucha Subscription: 20% Off

Deposit Return

Thank you for purchasing our delicious organic kombucha. Apparently you like it and you already have the first empty bottles.

For the sake of the environment, we only use sustainable reusable glass bottles with a deposit of 0.15 per bottle. This corresponds to a total of 1.80 per box of 12. This amount is added separately to the shipping costs in the shop and is included in the total price on Amazon.n.

You have two options for returning our reusable bottles:

1. Free returns with DHL
2. Return to retailers who stock the bottle

You can send the reusable bottles back to us and the deposit amount will then be refunded.

As a gesture of goodwill, we will pay the DHL shipping costs in Germany for four crates of empties (48 bottles) that have been collected. Please pack the completely empty bottles without lids in the 12-pack and stick them together as a 2x2 square with packing tape or pack them in a large outer carton. You can request the DHL return label further down in the customer portal. You can then hand over the package to the DHL courier or hand it in at any branch.

Temporarily also send back 2x 12-pack boxes free of charge:

Due to the avoidance of contact due to the corona virus, you will temporarily receive a free DHL return label from us for two or more boxes of 12.

2. Returns to retailers

In general, returnable bottles can be returned to any retailer that also stocks the bottles. You can find our retailers throughout Germanyhere.

You can hand in our bottles locally to the following reverse vending machine manufacturers. All manufacturers are represented by the usual retail chains, but unfortunately there are no "official" lists or maps that show the exact locations:

- Diebold Nixdorf (25,000+ reverse vending machines): EAN registered - return possible if the market has containers such as KOMBUCHERY, Wolfra or Ti
- TOMRA (9,000+ reverse vending machines): EAN registered - return possible if the market has containers such as KOMBUCHERY, Wolfra or Ti
- Sielaff (6,000+ reverse vending machines): EAN registered, return possible if market stocks e.g. KOMBUCHERY, Wolfra or Ti
- Trautwein SB Technik: Packs registered - Return possible if market stocks packs, e.g. KOMBUCHERY, Wolfra or Ti

We are working flat out to make it even easier for you to exchange our bottles for a deposit throughout Germany!

Important NOTE:
Many reverse vending machines recognize the bottle based on the coding on the bottom of the bottle. Please insert the bottle with the coding facing up and first into the machine.