From hmmm to mhhh in one sip!

We are Kombuchery!

Why do we make Kombucha?

Kombucha has been valued as a naturally fermented tea drink for thousands of years - also for its refreshing taste. In small fillings, we bring living cultures and nutrients for you together with organic tea and organic fruit into our bottles. This is kombucha! The sparkling alternative to lemonades that naturally quenches your thirst.

Cheers from Berlin,
Carmen, Elfie, Franzi & Merle
Fred, Max & Stephan

It started in childhood ...

We first met Kombucha and Scobys many years ago. Our grandmothers already fermented the drink with the strange name. They also sometimes brought home brown kombucha bottles from the health food store. The drink should protect us from dangerous colds and stomach pains. At that time, Kombucha tasted more like a bland and overly sweet tea, which we didn't really enjoy. A few years later we were taught better and got to know a huge variety of Kombucha while traveling around the world. Back in Germany we were desperately looking for the various refreshing and fruity varieties and just couldn't find anything of equal value.

Our mission is born!

It quickly became clear to us that we had to bring this variety of Kombucha to Germany. We have created a drink that is as refreshing and sparkling as a soft drink and yet has all the positive properties of real kombucha. A kombucha that is produced fairly and is 100% organic and raw. Thanks to the traditional unpasteurized production at Kombuchery, we can build on grandma's tradition and reinvent Kombucha with new, exciting and refreshing flavors.

Our responsibility

We know that being able to choose what to drink is a privilege.

That is why we work together with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. for worldwide drinking water projects. Together with Welthungerhilfe, Viva con Agua has been able to improve the living conditions of more than 3 million people since 2006. So you not only quench your thirst with each bottle of Kombucha! Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. is a non-profit association that works to ensure that everyone around the world has access to clean drinking water. It promotes water projects and campaigns at home and abroad according to the motto "Water for everyone - everyone for water".

P.S. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to mention Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. directly on the bottle, as otherwise this would mean a licensing for the tax office. Therefore we will inform you regularly and transparently about our donations and the projects of Viva con Agua on this subpage, you will find all current projectshere.

Sustainability in our DNA

As a young start-up, it is extremely important to us to look beyond the bottleneck. That is why we have firmly anchored social commitment and sustainability in our company philosophy.

In order to protect the environment, we only use environmentally friendly reusable glass bottles and are climate-positive as a company. To do this, we plant trees in the tropical forests of Panama and offset all emissions since the company was founded.

Our organic kombucha is bottled in a social workshop and inclusion is actively promoted!

Look behind the scenes

We'll show you how our Kombucha is made, what we value in fermentation and what happens before you can drink the Kombuchery bottle. For this, the entire team was in our production and recorded every step for you.

Get to know our production