Kombucha von Kombuchery

Schon seit Jahrtausenden wird Kombucha als natürlich fermentiertes Teegetränk geschätzt - bei uns auch für den erfrischend süßsauren Geschmack.In kleinen Abfüllungen bringen wir für dich lebende Kulturen aus Bakterien, Hefen und Mikroorganismen zusammen mit frischem Bio-Tee und rohem Bio-Obst in jede unserer Flaschen.Kombucha ist die prickelnde Alternative zu Limonaden, die deinen Durst auf natürliche Weise stillt.

Cheers aus Berlin,
Merle, Max & Marco

Childhood memories of kombucha

Our first encounters with kombucha and scoby go back many years. Already our grandmothers fermented the drink with the strange name. They sometimes brought home brown kombucha bottles from the health food store. The drink was supposed to protect us from dangerous colds and stomach aches. At the time, kombucha tasted more like a bland and overly sweet tea that didn't really excite us. A few years later we were taught better and got to know a huge variety of Kombucha through various stays abroad. Back in Germany, we desperately searched for the various refreshing and fruity varieties and simply could not find anything equivalent.

Kombucha from Kombuchery

It quickly became clear to us that we had to bring this Kombucha variety to Germany. We created a drink that is refreshing and sparkling like a soft drink and still has all the positive qualities of conventional Kombucha. Kombucha that is fairly produced and 100% organic and raw. By continuing the traditional unpasteurized production at KOMBUCHERY, we can continue grandma's tradition and reinvent kombucha with new exciting and refreshing flavors.

Our mission

Kombucha 2.0 for a better world without over-sugared lemonades. We make the beverage world a little more alive again and give people a good gut feeling. Always without artificial additives, but with many probiotic cultures and nutrients.

To the well-being

We at KOMBUCHERY not only love kombucha, but also social commitment. That's why we work together with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. for worldwide drinking water projects and only use environmentally friendly reusable glass bottles. Our organic kombucha is bottled in a workshop for disabled people and inclusion is actively promoted!